2013 Audi Allroad Shoot

Had a great time shooting this 2013 Audi Allroad sporting 20″ BBS Ch-R Wheels in a black finish.  A couple days prior I had located this open spot near a train yard and a factory of some kind. I was a little nervous driving a squeaky clean car with brand new wheels through a dirt and rock covered opening but I knew the results would be worth it. The lighting wasn’t great being about 4 in the afternoon but I had to make due.  I moved the car slowly around the train yard making sure I shot from multiple angles using both long lens and wide angle as well. I threw in my favorite shot which is getting a little sun flare in the shot. Post processing went pretty quickly. I spent more time making the tires not look dirty than anything. The background was fund to work with trying to make it look as gritty as possible.  What resulted was a solid and diverse shoot showing off all the beat parts of the car.



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