TAG Motorsports Rolls Royce Ghost

Had a great photoshoot last Friday. It was a last minute shoot so I had to get creative with a location. I called a tractor tire location just around the corner and was able to convince the guy in the office to let me park in the back.  I got some strange looks when I arrived in a gorgeous white $250,000 car.  I’m assuming I looked the part since I was still wearing my work clothes. Any who I got the car in the back, did the best I could with the lighting (1:00pm is not ideal).  The grittyness of the tires against a sparkling car worked really well. The 24″ HRE Wheels really made this car something to look at. All and all it was a successful shoot only taking about 25 minutes from the time I left with the car until I returned (much to the relief of TAG’s manager Alex).  Left me know your thoughts.


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