The power of photoshop….

So in an attempt to better my skills and put out better quality products I’ve been watching some video’s on how professionals approach their photos when it comes to editing them. The more I watch these videos, the more I realize, I don’t know a thing. Most of my photos go through a simple process where I use snapseed to bring out the shadows and highlights to create a little more dramatic look. Then I run it through photoshop elements to sharpen up the lines in the photo using a high pass filter. I believe a lot of those photo’s I’ve been putting out recently look very nice and some may even be worthy of a frame. However I had no idea photoshop could be used in the ways seen in the video. A car parked in an old warehouse with little to no lighting is suddenly (though the art of time lapse) turned into an incredibly dramatic and magazine worthy shot. I always assumed these professionals had access to the best and most creative locations, and were able to wait until those perfect moments (like sunlight shining through an open panel in a warehouse). It has become apparent that I will need to fully immerse myself in the ways of using photoshop to put out a more polished and professional product. It has also become apparent that it is not impossible to become a professional at this. It can be learned over time. I would love some feedback on a good place to start learning about all that program has to offer.


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